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Dotty Dimple's Vinegar Taffy

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Rebecca Sophia Clarke (Sophie May) of Norridgewock, Maine, authored more than forty books for children, including the six-volume series, published from 1867 to 1869, called the Dotty Dimple Stories.  This candy was talked of in her books, and it became as popular with children as the books, although the candy remained popular longer than did the stories. 

3 cups sugar
1 cups vinegar
  • Combine sugar and vinegar.
  • Cook over a low heat, stirring constantly, until sugar is dissolved.  Continue cooking until syrup reaches the soft-crack stage (270 F to 290 F or until a few drops tested in cold water separate into threads which are hard but not brittle).
  • Pour onto a large buttered platter and let cool until candy can be handled comfortably. 
  • Butter your hands and pull the taffy until it is white and almost firm.
  • Stretch into a rope about 1-inch in diameter and snip off pieces with scissors.